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Douglas J. Smith Law Office, P.C., Norman Oklahoma Lawyer

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Norman Oklahoma Lawyer, Douglas J. Smith Law Office, P.C.

​​​28 Years Experience

Moore, Norman, Purcell

Why Hire Douglas J. Smith Law Office, P.C.
Norman Oklahoma Lawyer, Douglas J. Smith Law Office, P.C.
Norman Oklahoma Lawyer, Douglas J. Smith
Douglas J. Smith Law Office, P.C.
104 East Eufaula Street Norman, OK 73069 US
Phone: 4053602660 Website:

Douglas J. Smith is an experienced and affordable Norman Oklahoma Lawyer focusing on Auto Accidents, Criminal DefenseDUI/ DWI, Expungements, and Family Law for the Cleveland County District in Norman,  McClain County District in Purcell and Oklahoma County District in Oklahoma City, located in the central part of Oklahoma.

The Smith Law Office building is conveniently located across the street, southwest of the Cleveland County Courthouse in the downtown Norman, Oklahoma area.  Mr. Smith is an experienced, local Attorney who has represented thousands of individuals in central Oklahoma over the past twenty eight (28) years in the cities of Moore, Norman and Purcell.

If you are seeking Legal Representation on an Automobile Accident or for a DUI/ DWI, Criminal Law, Expungement, Family Law or Juvenile Law matter, I encourage you to call our Law Office today to schedule a Complimentary Case Evaluation.  If you do not live in Norman, you can request a Free Consultation over the telephone by calling (405) 360-2660. 


Auto Accident Attorney Representation:

For legal representation on an Automobile Accident, there is no cost up front.  The Attorney's Fee is paid once the case has been settled with the insurance company.  

There will be no fees, if there is no recovery.

Criminal Justice Attorney and DUI/DWI Representation:

The Legal Fees for legal representation from a Norman Oklahoma Lawyer on a Criminal matter is determined by the case.  Payment plans might be an option, but would require a reasonable down payment.  Before legal representation would begin on a Misdemeanor or Felony case, the Client and Attorney will discuss the payment arrangements and sign an agreed contract. In most cases, the individual would not want to go to a trial but would be agreeable to a deferred or suspended sentence, unless we are fortunate to get the case totally dismissed.


Factors that are considered when giving a price quote on legal fees:

  • What city or county is the case against you filed in?
  • Was the charge filed as a Misdemeanor or Felony?
  • How complex will the case be to represent you?
  • Do you have any prior criminal charges from before?
  • Will you want to take your case all the way to a jury-trial? 

​​Expungement Representation:

The Legal Fees for a Norman Oklahoma Lawyer on an Expungement can cost between $750.00 to $1,250.00.  This price would include all court filings and procedures as well as the $150.00 fee that is sent to O.S.B.I. with the Court Order to Expunge your Criminal Record.  If you are a past client with Douglas J. Smith, a lower Legal Fee would be considered.


Listed below are the types of cases that Douglas J. Smith focuses on.  You can click on the link to learn more.  Walk-ins are always welcome.

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