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Douglas J. Smith, Attorney for the Smith Law Office, P.C. is based in Norman, Oklahoma serving the Cleveland County District since 1990.  Mr. Smith is an affordable and experienced DUI/ DWI Defense Attorney that has represented hundreds of individuals in the state of Oklahoma.

Driving Under the Influence, or DUI, is the charge for driving while intoxicated with either alcohol or drugs. In Oklahoma, your blood alcohol content (BAC) may not exceed .08%, otherwise you are considered to be driving under the influence. Driving with BAC over that limit has been determined to cause impaired concentration, function and alertness, which leads to accidents. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs you are at risk of losing your license, and possibly even going to jail. Police officers have the right to pull over any driver they suspect is driving erratically for some reason. If you have been charged with drunk driving, it is essential you obtain the services of a highly experienced and knowledgeable attorney who has the knowledge and determination to possibly get your charges reduced or even dismissed.


You only have fifteen (15) days from the date of your Arrest to request an Administrative Hearing on your Oklahoma Driver's License.  If you fail to request a hearing, your license may be suspended and you face the probability of not being able to drive for 6 months or more.  It is important that you seek an Attorney for Legal Counsel for this hearing to challenge the license suspension.  Having legal representation for the Administrative Hearing provides an opportunity for your Attorney to question the arresting officer.  Putting the officer on the stand helps to establish his or her position, which can be very beneficial to your case.

When you get a DUI, you have two things going on.  First there is a criminal charge against you which can result in jail time.  Second thing going on is an administrative action with DPS involving your driver's license.  It is important that both portions are competently handled in your DUI representation.

If you are seeking a Lawyer in Norman, call Mr. Smith at (405) 360-2660 for a  Free Consultation to discuss ways we can help you keep your Driver's License and try to get a dismissal or reduction in your Oklahoma DUI arrest.

If your Driver's License was taken away, you will need to pay $175.00 to DPS to get a temporary Modified Driver's License.  This form is available at ​​https://  Once approved, you will need to install an Ignition Interlock device from a company such as

To learn more about your Driver's License about Oklahoma DPS or how to request an Administrative Hearing, go to

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